Das.Schiller - our panorama Cafe & Lounge

What we as locals have missed in Bad Gastein is a restaurant where we can drink a good coffee or enjoy homemade pastries during the day.

A place where Gasteiners can meet with our guests to have nice conversations, provide the guests with good excursion tips and maybe drink a schnapps together.

Prices as in former times with us in the inn Reiterbauer we will not be able to keep however we promise "you" (we were nevertheless in former times in the restaurant nevertheless all per YOU) that the price performance ratio will be simply coherent.

All our culinary delights are from the region and are seasonally adapted to the harvest times. In the cold season warms you a Zirbenschnapserl of Luigi's Zirbenbaum and set by Mike.

For the small hunger is also provided.  Typical austrian snacks, pizza's from the in-house stone oven let your stomachs growl no longer.

Eisbecher und Softeis

Creamy ice cream delight

Choose from our ice cream menu one of the delicious ice cream sundaes with creamy Carte d'Or flavors or enjoy our velvety soft serve - unique in Bad Gastein.

Carte d'Or Eis

We are open for you Wednesday to Sunday from 12 - 8 pm.

Aussichtscafe Schiller Bad Gastein
Gastraum Cafe Schiller Bad Gastein
Panorama Cafe Schiller Bad Gastein
Piece of cake on wooden table www.das-schiller.at
Panorama Hotel Gastein Das.Schiller
Aussichts Cafe Schiller Bad Gastein
Pink wine and antlers www.das-schiller.at
Aussichts-Couch im Hotel Schiller Bad Gastein
Fresh Homemade Pizza Margherita www.das-schiller.at
Kaffeehaus Schiller Bad Gastein

Only with us, for the first time in the Gastein Valley

"Da Salzburger Cafe"


"Da Salzburger Kaffee" from Saalfelden came into being as a response to the increasing industrialization of coffee production. The product itself has thus fallen out of focus, marketing, profit optimization and disinformation determined the market. The Schärf family no longer wanted to be a part of this: Because even as a small company that puts products and solutions before marketing and sales tables, you can be successful - and that's exactly what happened.

Schärf's coffee roasting plant brings together the coffee knowledge of several generations, not only roasting, but all the steps involved in the production and preparation of coffee, a sensitive luxury food.

Da Salzburger Cafe
Da Salzburger Kaffee
Da Salzburger Kaffeehandwerk